Animals have always been a special part of my life. When I was I kid and worked on the farms in Pennsylvania where my love of animals started. In High School I had a weekend job at a Dude Ranch in North Branch, New Jersey. At first I did not take to horses very well, but as time went on I grew to love them. I even owned a couple. These days I have two dogs in my house. We did have three, but recently we lost one to old age.

Animals are Gods creatures and I think that we should take better care of them.

This page is dedicated to Gizmo and all the Animal Lovers out there.


This is a photo of our beloved "Gizmo".  She was with us a long time. In the last year you can tell things were getting hard for her. She started losing her teeth and developed some cancer on her Belly. Throughout it all she remained to be a very loving Animal. She would lick me all the time and just before she passed, I got the last lick. She will always be in our hearts.


September 11, 1997 - March 23, 2014



This is our beloved "Bandit". She was with us almost as long as Gizmo. We actually brought her as a pal for Gizmo. In the last few years she started going downhill. Lately she had trouble seeing, Heart Problems, and her hips. She was fighting to live, but it was her time. She will always be in our hearts.


March 25, 2000 - June 09, 2014



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