About Us 

After living in New Jersey for a long time, my wife and I  bought a home in Delaware. They call the area Lower Slower Delaware and that's exactly what we were looking for.

You find the name "Gizbit" a little different, well let me tell you where it came from. About fourteen years ago I will looking to start a website and needed a name. All the ones that I checked were taken so my wife suggested something a little different. At the time we had only two dogs named Gizmo and Bandit. The "Giz" is naturally from Gizmo and the "Bit" part is from Bandit who was just a little bit of a thing when we got her.

We have since added a third dog, Angel who is one of Bandit's puppies.

On March 23, 2014 Gizmo passed on and went over the Rainbow Bridge.

 On June 9, 2014 Bandit passed on and joined her longtime friend Gizmo.

Pictures are found in the Photo Album.

In September of 2014 due to my illnesses we decided to move to Florida so I could enjoy the water and the sunshine.

The Pledge of Allegiance as told by Red Skelton